For Brands/Agencies

Unlock Your Marketing Potential with MicroGlobe

Influencer Discovery

Discover thousands of influencers to promote your product or service on social media. Filter them according to their demographics, behaviors and audience data.

Campaign Management

Simplify your entire workflow for all types of influencer campaigns and connect your efforts to results with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics & Reporting allow you to track your influencer marketing campaign performance in real time, display critical analysis, and deeper datapoints like conversion rates, engagement ratio, and earned media value.

Community Tools

Build your community around your business or product using MicroGlobers.

For Creators/Influencers

Amplify Your Influence with MicroGlobe

Select Your Partners

Discover potential sponsors and create a partnership with the brands that you really want to.

Share Sponsored Posts

Share sponsored products of love mark brands and increase your impact across your audience.

Test Free Products and Review

Who doesn't like to try new products that fit their taste? Try new products from your loved brands before even they launched and review them.

Monetize Your Impact

Simply make money while doing what you already do with passion!