Grow Your Business with Influencer Marketing

Find & connect with influencers, create collaborations and automate campaigns. Reach customers and potential business partners in a very direct and personal manner.



For Brands/Agencies

Discover Potential Partners

Search influencer data set by influencer content, attributes, and audience criteria to surface the best potential partners to share your message, test your product, get reviews.

Campaign Management

Simplify your entire workflow for all types of influencer campaigns and connect your efforts to results with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Budget Optimization

Track spend, analyze performance, and optimize your ROI by investing in the right strategies.

Real-time Analytics

Go from insights to action. Understand how your brand performs among all influencers in your market and uncover actionable insights to guide your strategy.

Transparent Communication

Make offers to your potential partners and get ideas to apply easily

Influencer Discovery

Discover thousands of influencers to promote your product or service on social media. Filter them according to their demographics, behaviours and audience data.

Campaign Management

Create campaigns easily and send offers to smartly selected influencers. Manage campaign from signing contracts to payment and feedback

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics & Reporting allow you to track your influencer marketing campaign performance in real time, display critical analysis, and deeper datapoints like conversion rates, engagement ratio, and earned media value.

Build Your Community

Build your community around your business or product using MicroGlobers.


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End to End Solution

From influencer discovery to content review, analytics, and reports. You will manage all the stages of influencer marketing in one tool.

Deeply Filter Influencers

Brands can deeply filter influencers and their audiences according to geography, lifestyle, behavior, performance.

Performance-based Campaigns

Brands can pay per view, per click,per conversion or per sales tooptimize return on investment.

Post-Campaign Analytics

Brands can see real-time click, conversion, engagement, sales post-campaign data.